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My Media Hero: Dom Perkins, Digital Ad Strategy Director, Immediate Media

We’re asking some of our industry’s leading figures to nominate their media hero and to explain what’s so special about them.

Dom joined Immediate from Time Inc where he was Commercial Digital Development Director. He was previously at The Web TV Enterprise, as Publishing Development Director, which was acquired by Collective Media in 2010.

Working with Permutive, Dom recently led Immediate Media to a 135% digital ad revenue boost after reducing reliance on third-party cookies.

Who is your media hero?

Jamie Estrin, who co-founded digital agency Profero in 1998. Jamie then started Web TV Enterprise, the first pre-roll network in the UK which was acquired by Collective. He then launched Zapp 360, with Collective Co-Founder Jerome Fitzgibbons. 

What have they done to win hero status in your eyes?

Saved me!

Following a failed start up called Drivers Republic and in the grips of the 2008 financial crisis, Jamie launched Web TV Enterprise and was looking for someone who could develop publisher relationships. I’d never worked in digital before, or for an adtech business, having worked in client sales at the FT and News International.

He trusted in me, even with the stress of starting a new business he was focused on helping me. Without his guidance, patience and trust I wouldn’t be working here now. I’d probably be a van driver.

How has their heroism helped drive the media industry?

He’s a visionary, first to market with Profero and then Web TV Enterprise, which was one of the first video networks, launched before TV VOD services took off and led the way for publishers monetising and producing short form video. It superseded the existing supply side video technologies and helped drive the publisher ecosystem in video.

He has a wonderful personality, never looked for media recognition and always helped and supported the people who worked for him. The fact is people really worked for him, his strange but great sense of humour, integrity and thoughtfulness to others I’d not seen before in a leader.

What the biggest challenges in media we need another hero to solve?


What is your most heroic personal achievement so far in media?

Apart from standing in the boxing ring at Media Fight Night in front of 1500 people, running a failed start up and not having a job in 2008 and having to re-invent my career.