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News UK unveils ‘industry-first’ ad planning tool

News UK, the publisher behind The Sun and The Times, has launched a ‘first-of-its-kind’ first-party data-powered planning tool to provide advertisers with improved addressability and granularity for their campaigns.

Nucleus Plan is powered by News UK’s proprietary data platform, Nucleus, and enables advertisers to optimise their campaigns based on up to six key KPIs, including viewability, clickthrough rate, brand awareness, consideration, purchase intent, and attention. Campaigns based on these KPIs can then be delivered using seven variables, such as audience, context, emotion, and format.

“Nucleus Plan is set to transform expectations of media owner planning tools. With this latest development in our first party toolkit, Nucleus Platform leads the charge in offering advertisers a level of insight and granularity that they won’t be able to get elsewhere,” said Dominic Carter, EVP, Publisher at The Sun.

The platform is said to continuously learn by drawing upon real-time first-party data signals, and has already analysed more than 2,000 campaigns and 75 billion impressions across the News UK portfolio.

It’s backed by integrations from measurement vendors including Brand Metrics and Adelaide, providing advertisers with insights into consumer behaviours at a user and content level.

“Nucleus Plan is trained on a vast collection of first party, real time data, meaning that it’s delivering recommendations based on an unparalleled level of insight. This means that we can offer campaigns that are truly data-led and optimised for client KPIs,” said Chris Longcroft, EVP, Publisher at Times Media.

*News UK is a client of Bluestripe Communications, owned by Bluestripe Group, publisher of NDA