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The NDA Podcast: Jemima Villanueva, Executive Director EMEA, The Atlantic on how publishing will evolve in 2021

These podcasts have been recorded with the first cohort of the Practice Makes Unperfect programme – a course that helps women find and finesse their public voices.

In this podcast, NDA’s Justin Pearse sits down with Jemima Villanueva, Executive Director EMEA, The Atlantic to discusses how publishing will evolve in 2021 and some of the positive ways that Covid-19 has impacted the publishing industry.


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NDA Meets podcast: Terry Kawaja, CEO, LUMA Partners

Terence ‘Terry’ Kawaja, is the Founder and CEO of LUMA Partners, a strategic advisory firm focussed on digital media and marketing. As famous for his parody videos featuring leading industry figures, and colourful on-stage appearances as for his deep knowledge of the digital sector and the $300 billion of deals he’s been been behind, he is one of our industry’s most influential figures.


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Marketing the Marketers: Martin Corke, CMO, Clear Channel UK

NDA has launched a new series on NDA, Marketing the Marketers, talking to the marketing and comms leaders behind the success of our leading companies. Next up is Martin Corke, Chief Marketing Officer, Clear Channel UK.