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Amazon Ads expands availability of AI-powered image generation

Amazon Ads has announced the availability of its image generation capability in beta to the UK. This generative AI solution is designed to enhance access to creatives and enable brands to produce lifestyle imagery at scale that can help improve ad performance.

In a March 2023 survey, Amazon Ads found that among advertisers who were unable to build successful campaigns, nearly 75% cited building ad creatives and choosing a creative format as their biggest challenges*.

The new feature uses generative AI models and an advertiser’s product information to create unique brand-themed product images in seconds. For example, an advertiser might have standalone images of their product against a white background, like a toaster. When that same toaster is placed in a lifestyle context—on a kitchen counter, next to a croissant—in a mobile Sponsored Brands ad, click-through rates can be 40% higher compared to ads with standard product images.

Jay Richman, VP, Product and Technology, Amazon, commented: “We want to make it simple for all advertisers to create visually rich lifestyle campaign assets that deliver better, more impactful advertising experiences for customers.”

Amazon requires that the images of all products must be real and only the background of images may be AI generated to provide customers with a better idea of how those products may look in a more typical or natural environment. The image can then be refined by entering short text prompts, and multiple versions can be quickly created and tested to optimise performance.

Amazon internal data, US, 2023