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What do high street retailers do next?

By Mark Choueke, Marketing Director, Mention Me

If you’re a traditional High Street retailer in May 2021, what’s your next move?

You’ve lost the best part of a year’s worth of the in-store business for which you used to rely on volumes of footfall; footfall that so far, hasn’t bounced back.

And if you’ve survived this far (almost 10,000 stores were lost from the UK’s High Streets in 2020), you’ve probably faced some painful restructuring already.

Not only that, but your organisation might now even be wondering what the future holds for the in-store shopping experience and in turn, the plum town and city centre location you called your flagship.  

You’ll have seen all the same evidence we have regarding the acceleration of the shift towards online shopping in the past year – you’re more than likely to have been part of it.

For small, agile, ‘digital first’ businesses experiencing the sort of growth that the large High Street retail giants can only dream about, none of this is a problem. 

In fact, many of them only multiplied their customer base in the months since March 2020, as their go-to-market channel – as well as their services and products – became so much more relevant.

Our Life On The Digital High Street campaign – see our video above and read our first blog right here – will seek answers and insights from every corner of retail to help the High Street’s most beloved brands accelerate their own relevance to post-Covid customers in the months to come. 

For many, yet another period of tough, uncertain digital transformation lies ahead. But to all, there are tricks, tips, tactics, strategies and channels that can be learnt and stolen from those pacy, digital-first brands; actions that can be taken quickly, relatively cheaply and treated as powerful tests of how they might better serve their customers in the future.

Watch the video now and follow this ongoing story as we seek to understand #LifeOnTheDigitalHighStreet.