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FloQast Studios’ accounting comedy PBC Season 2 now on YouTube

The second season of PBC, the accounting workplace mockumentary comedy series produced by FloQast Studios and starring Danny Trejo, is now available to stream on YouTube.

The six-episode season launches today and will release new episodes every Tuesday and Friday, through the season finale on Friday, December 23. 

In the spirit of The OfficeParks & Recreation, and Silicon ValleyPBC is specifically focused on accountants and their teams. Season one – which has garnered more than 3 million impressions since it launched in January of this year – brings viewers into the accounting department of a fast-growth tech startup during its year-end audit, and introduces them to the hilarious personalities and workplace situations that accounting professionals know all too well. In season two, viewers are invited to tag along with the same accounting department as they wrangle a rowdy sales team while striking a delicate balance with personal and professional relationships. 

PBC is produced by FloQast Studios, the full-scale production arm of accounting software company FloQast. The series features notable stars including Danny Trejo (Machete), Kate Flannery (The Office), Pete Gardner (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Christian A. Pierce (The Real Bros of Simi Valley), Jessica Sarah Flaum (The Tale), Amy Letcher (Black Sails), Emily Tosta (Mayans M.C.), Jacob Wysocki (Pitch Perfect), and Josh Simpson (Reno 911), and Nick Colletti (The Real Bros of Simi Valley).

“We were incredibly excited to see PBC season one so well-received, not just by the accounting community, but by a wider audience as well,” said Mike Whitmire, co-founder and CEO at FloQast, inactive CPA. “This made the creation of season 2 a no-brainer. We are proud to be coming back with a fantastic cast of comedy legends and relatable workplace storylines that people – accountants and otherwise – love to see on screen.” 

Watch episode one exclusively on YouTube here and watch the trailer for season two here.