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Rewarding the industry’s heroes: Nick Baughan, Director of Agencies, UK&I, Meta

With the NDA Heroes Awards fast approaching, New Digital Age is running a series of interviews with the highly-respected names on the judging panel. Next, we hear from Nick Baughan, Director of Agencies, UK&I, Meta.

Why did you agree to be a judge?

I was immediately attracted by the concept of these awards. People are what make an industry move forward and this feels like a great way to celebrate those individuals who make a real difference.

How important is it to highlight the individuals doing great work, rather than just the businesses?

It’s completely crucial. It’s the people in companies who make the difference. When they show up every day, when they collaborate together and when they win and lose together. 

What makes a hero in this industry?

Put simply, someone who has created real, industrial impact. Somebody that has selflessly and tangibly moved us all on. 

What are you looking for from the entries?

Clarity, inspiration, selflessness and bravery

Who has been your career hero?

This is a desperately tough question. I’ve been lucky enough to work with and for some extraordinary people.I’m going to cheat though and selfishly call out the two people who have had the greatest impact on my own career to date. The first is Lindsay Pattison, who gave me my first real leadership opportunity (and then put up with me for five years), and Steve Hatch with whom I’ve worked twice; firstly, at MEC, and now at Meta. Both are inspiring and unselfish leaders who have made real material differences in industry.  

Who has been your personal hero?

My wife, Iliana because she is amazing. She is currently bootstrapping a tech business as we both bootstrap our way through life and parenthood!


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