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CMO Confidential: Gav Thompson, Ex-CMO of Boden, Yopa, Paddy Power & Founder of giffgaff

CMO Confidential is a podcast series on NDA where we talk to CMOs who, while not digital in job title, have digital understanding and experience embedded in their DNA.

Gav Thompson has over 26 years’ experience as a marketer.  He was the Chief Marketing Officer of Paddy Power and Yopa and the Chief Customer Officer of Boden. He was Director of Brand Strategy and then Global Director of Brand Innovation at O2 and Telefonica and co-founded mobile operator giffgaff.

You could say he knows a thing or two about marketing.

We discuss the changing role of the CMO today, the impact of both technology and media fragmentation,and the importance of remaining focused on marketing fundamentals.

“The 4 Ps of marketing is what CMOs should be focussed on and to represent the view of the customer. The customer doesn’t care about the latest attribution technologies, they just want a great product or service,” he says.

The conversation covers everything from the relationship between the CIO and CMO and the role of agencies to the “harmless bollocks” of the rise of new titles like the Chief Growth Officer.