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Econsultancy launches learning model to bridge digital marketing skills gap

With marketing budgets facing the prospect of being cut back as a result of the recession, Econsultancy has launched a new learning model to bridge the digital marketing and Ecommerce skills gap.

A recent survey of leading UK marketers found that 86% of respondents agree on-the-job training is more useful than a university degree, but the majority aren’t easily able to embed what they learn into their day job. Econsultancy’s new Multi-Touch Learning™ model will deliver on-demand learning content, digital skills assessment and team training in a contextual, connected and continuous experience for the most up to date and practical learning.

Econsultancy – a pioneer of digital learning for marketers for over 20 years – identified 1,390 skills categories, containing multiple topics, which the modern marketer must master to be top of their game; a seemingly impossible task with the digital marketing and ecommerce environment continuing to grow and change at breakneck speed.

Recent research by PwC found that 53% of executives said they’re boosting investment into digital transformation in response to the current business environment. Alongside the CIM’s research finding that marketers’ ability in key digital skills have either stagnated or declined between 2020 and 2021 at all levels of seniority, there is a significant need for digital marketers and ecommerce professionals to stay up to date with digital strategies and new technologies to keep up with demand.

Image: The Econsultancy Skills Taxonomy(™) mapping all the skills required in digital marketing and ecommerce

Econsultancy’s Multi-Touch Learning™ model aims to help organisations accelerate sales growth driven by digital and ecommerce excellence, by providing multiple ways for marketers to access information and embed learning – from structured, personalised, cloud-based courses to team-based learning and snackable ‘in the flow’ quick access answers to real life questions that crop up while learning.

Richard Breeden, Managing Director at Econsultancy, said: “The old training model is no longer effective for modern-day marketers constantly having to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. Our model creates a contextual, connected and continuous experience which delivers up to date and practical learning. We’ve built on our unique heritage to create a learning model that will help CMOs globally develop their marketing capabilities and drive growth.”

The Multi-Touch Learning™ model allows learners to access practical skills in the context of their day job, it connects teams both in person and virtually and it is continuously updated with the latest best practice and trends analysis.