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How has the pandemic affected you?

NDA has teamed up with PUSH who have created a survey which aims to take a snapshot of how the lockdown has affected individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

PUSH is a leading corporate wellbeing and performance company that focuses on personal and professional development in the workplace. It advises clients of the ways in which they can make their companies ‘more human’ by encouraging forward thinking and positive change.

The survey is being launched ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week (May 18-24) and is geared towards individuals, teams and organisations who have had to adapt to the new economic climate imposed by the virus. The PUSH Team are also keen to understand the impact that the new ways of working have had as well as how people are feeling as they look towards the future, given the recent announcements from the Government.

The survey covers a variety of different areas, including productivity while working at home, upskilling, management support, remote working versus office-based work and the effects of the economic lockdown on mental health.

PUSH founder Cate Murden commented on the current challenges: “The pandemic and global lockdowns are clearly having a major social and psychological impact on the entire population. We’re seeing increasing unemployment, families separated and various other changes in the way that we live and work.

“Many of us went into the lockdown worried about what the restrictions would mean for us personally, as well as the wider impact on our countries and communities. But along with the many challenges this period has produced, there are also some positives it has brought with it.

“In the survey, we’ve been looking at different areas that have been affected by the lockdown so that we’re able to have a better understanding of what has been, what is to come and the impact this is having.”

We urge all our readers to take part in this survey so we can get a true picture of how the people who make up our industry are feeling

You can take the survey at