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My Best Marketing Tip, Gary Plunkett, Chief Commercial Officer, Dtail: “Embrace the pivot”

Successful marketing is all about continuously trying new things, to experiment with products and messages that work, while staying open to change. For Gary Plunkett, Chief Commercial Officer for Dtail by PixelPool, marketers need to always adapt to the consumer feedback and never simply “put a product out there” without follow-up.    

With Dtail – a new digital platform that services the fashion industry by helping it enter the virtual 3D world – PixelPool are embracing the increasing importance of gaming technology in fashion. For high-end brands, offering new types of virtual products to audiences that would otherwise not come into contact with them opens up more avenues for selling products and for increasing brand awareness.

This is in line with Gary’s top marketing tip – a combination of trying new things, experimenting and gathering market feedback, and not being afraid to pivot when you need to. Validating a marketing position is all about trial and error, inspired by lean start-up methodology. Gary thinks that “the old school way of just sticking to your guns and putting this thing out there and not learning from it” is obsolete and counterproductive.

Instead, marketers should embrace the pivot when it is needed. Learn how the market is responding to your product and advertising and use the insights to establish your long and short-term strategies. Ultimately, trying different things and pivoting will help you reach a marketing goal better than “staying in your lane” blindly.

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