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My Digital Hero: Tazz Gault, Head of Marketing, Digital Detox & Founder, InvestWell VC

Tazz Gault is Head Of Marketing at Digital Detox and Founder of InvestWell VC. Previsously the co-founder of StateZero Labs, she was shortlisted as Entrepreneur of the Year at the Women in IT awards 2019 and is dedicated to the use of digital technology for social good.

Who is your Digital Hero?

Amy Williams, Co-Founder and CEO of Good-Loop.

What have she done to win hero status in your eyes?

Amy epitomises the future of business and in my eyes, is the number one champion for purpose before profit in the digital world. She oozes grit and determination for all the technology ecosystem throws her way, but yet it’s her powerful vulnerability that makes her my hero.

Throughout her journey of building Good-Loop, she has stuck by her message and worked with her team to wake up the world to this future of work – where you can build a business and still do good for the world.

How has her heroism helped drive digital?

Good-Loop, as they so rightly put it, is the home of ethical and effective advertising.

Recognising that time and attention online are valuable, the Good-Loop platform will never force someone to watch an ad. But, if they choose to give that advertiser their time, attention, and data, they get to give 50% of the advertiser’s money to a relevant charitable cause.

She and her team have built the home of ‘ads for good’. That’s hero status to me!

What is the biggest challenges in digital we need another hero to solve?


Originally a journalist, I understand the pressures and expectations, but also the confinement around certain information when it comes to reporting. Yet we’ve blurred the lines between what’s ‘in the public interest’, and ‘of the public interest’, and it is manifesting itself in all sorts of ugly ways.

We need a hero to combat fake news, to alert to sensationalism, and to weed out clickbait from hard fact to prevent individuals within society to feel unable to cope.

What is your most heroic personal achievement so far in digital?

I guess it’s the fact I have used every availability to promote the importance of humanity in tech. It’s the reason I switched to the investment world, and have supported hundreds of entrepreneurs in realising their potential.

It’s the reason I founded InvestWell, a community of VCs levelling out the playing field when it comes to mental health, and it’s why I head up marketing at Digital Detox, helping them understand the power of purpose with profit, and using technology to make a difference to the world.