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Sonic logos make brands seem more valuable

The power of audio has been talked about a lot over the last few years – and recent research seems to support just how powerful it can be for a brand. Research conducted by sonic branding agency DLMDD and sonic testing firm SoundOut found that brands with recognised sonic logos are perceived as being 5% more valuable by consumers, on average.

In the research of 30,000 consumers across the UK and US, participants were shown either a consumer item without audio or with audio playing in the background, and asked ‘how much would you pay for this item?’ And, when the audio was playing, the value of an item was generally perceived as being higher than without audio.

Brands featured in the research included the likes of Aquafresh, Asda, EE, Haribo, Just Eat, Kia, Lloyds Bank, Moonpig, Peugeot, Premier League, Renault, Santander, Tesco, and more.

“One of the most impressive and yet elusive aspects of sound is its universal resonance yet significant subjectivity,” said David Courtier-Dutton, CEO of SoundOut. “The best sonic branding is fuelled by marketers’ thorough understanding of the deep subconscious impact of any given sonic cue or composition. This ground-breaking research shows the commercial power and ROI that can be harnessed when coupling great strategic sonic branding with effective marketing execution.”

The findings come at time when, according to DLMDD and SoundOut, there has been a 22% increase in brands using sonic identities. The likes of American Express, Frito-Lay, Singapore Airlines, Betway, General Mills, and Walmart have all significantly increased their sonic spend over the last year and a half.

“What a time to be alive in the world of sonic branding. Brands are investing in sound like never before and this new research is the first of its kind to identify the return on investment in sonic logos,” said Max De Lucia, Co-founder of DLMDD. “However, the findings also signal a firm watch-out to brand leaders – work with the sonic brainiacs to get your sound right. Banging a few random notes at the end of your next campaign could send your brand value nosediving in the opposite direction.”

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