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Trinity Lunch: Meet the Sponsors – Cadi Jones of Pixability

Ahead of the Trinity Lunch Winter 2023, we caught up with Cadi Jones, MD EMEA of Pixability, to find out why she is looking forward to the event and what topics she expects to be the big talking points on the day…

Is this your first Trinity Lunch event and what do you expect from the day?

It’s not my first Trinity Lunch! At Pixability, we are all about bringing transparency to the industry.  Transparency comes when people connect and can ask difficult questions of each other!  As such, we love supporting the Trinity Lunch as it brings together the different elements of the industry to provoke important conversations.  

From conversations and presentations you’ve seen and been part of, what is the industry talking about right now?

This is the time of 2024 planning, so there’s a lot of crystal ball gazing!  As an industry, there’s been a huge amount of disruption to business as usual over the last few years – not only from AI,  digital transformation, and technology, but also the macro issues – a global pandemic, war across the region.  The most interesting conversations are coming when people are thinking about this uncertainty continuing and how to still do great work in this macro environment.

If you were to highlight three topics as being most important to your partners and clients, what would they be?

1. Our clients and partners are really interested in the UK CTV market, and specifically the growth of Youtube and on TV devices.  Youtube now reaches 98% of the UK adult population who are online every month (source: Comscore Video Metrix Multi-platform, UK, May 2023), and the average daily time spent watching Youtube is 62 Minutes! Data from Barb puts Youtube as the largest commercial AV Platform in the UK (and second largest overall, after the BBC).  Youtube has effectively become the 4th broadcaster here, but with advantages in terms of targeting and reporting… which brings me on to: 

2. The rise of brand-performance is incredibly important to our partners and clients, given the macro economic uncertainty. Historically TV was a broad reach medium, with optimisations really just to adjust for reach and frequency. We’re seeing a huge amount of branding campaigns come through with performance elements included. As TV becomes digital, it’s possible to layer additional metrics for not just measurement and reporting, but also for mid-campaign optimisation. Brands are at the beginning of this journey now, and it’s exciting to see the possibilities unfold. 

3. The final topic that comes up is the rise in competition. With UK consumers having less money in their pockets due to the cost of living crisis, we’re seeing brands work hard to gain cut-through against their competitor set. There’s also been a lot more attention on insights, looking at mid-campaign and post-campaign analysis to ensure that learnings are taken to optimise spending and conquesting of competitor customers.