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JCDecaux Programmatic DOOH Live Awards: judge Hannah Thompson of Kinesso on the evolution of OOH

Event judge Hannah Thompson, Partner, Addressable Strategy & Product at Kinesso, shares her thoughts on outdoor advertising ahead of the first-ever JCDecaux Programmatic DOOH Live Awards  taking place later this week…

How quickly are budgets shifting to programmatic OOH and where are they coming from?

Primarily we’re seeing the budget shift from existing OOH buys and from incremental budget rather than being moved from elsewhere in plans. PrOOH works best in conjunction with other digital channels so we’re seeing it as an opportunity to super-charge campaigns. 

The budget being allocated is growing YoY and is forecasted to continue growing as supply increases and we look for new and interesting ways to engage our audiences in cookieless environments. 

What do you see as the primary benefits of programmatic activation in OOH?

I see enormous benefits to using programmatic technology for planning, activating, and measuring OOH campaigns. 

For planning, the dynamic technology and audience insight tools that our teams can access whenever they need it lets us respond more efficiently to briefs and helps field insights for other areas of our media planning. 

For activation and measurement, programmatic allows us to bring in some of our powerful data and use this to inform our dynamic creative strategy whilst minimising wastage. We can also see our campaigns in a single platform view to allow for better optimisation and therefore better results for our clients. 

How will clients and agencies use data for targeting and measurement over the next 2-3 years?

We’re already able to integrate a plethora of data sets, both 3rd party data sets and through our expertise in 1st party data integration, into our PrOOH buys, but what we’re moving towards is data that can be used across channels to identify and target users either to improve frequency and drive performance, or to increase incremental reach by extending existing campaigns. 

To achieve this, we’ll need improved data integrations (and therefore more standardisation on the back end) and a bit of creative thinking for what these data sets might look like. Initially, geo-data is the most interesting to me as it’s one of the only datasets that’s consistent across all channels. 

What are you looking for from the award entries?

I’m looking for campaigns that really maximise the benefits of programmatic technology to find new ways to buy OOH – whether that’s a new way to improve the efficiency of planning, activating, and measuring or an innovative way of using data and creative beyond what traditional buying can do.