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Trinity Lunch Scotland 2024: Q&A with Ella Woolfe, Agency Group Head, Invibes

In the run-up to the inaugural Trinity Lunch Scotland on 29 February, we caught up with Ella Woolfe, Agency Group Head at Invibes (which is supporting the event)…

What are you looking forward to most about the Trinity Lunch Scotland? 

I’m most looking forward to catching up with my Scottish colleagues and hope to meet some new people in the industry. It’s always interesting to see new emerging and established media owners and catch up with what’s happening with our Scottish agencies. 

What topics do you expect to come up in conversation on the day? 

I would imagine cookieless will be a big topic, along with new business pitches and wins. The Scottish agencies seem to have evolved in recent years, so it’s great to hear the services they’re offering and discuss how we can support them. 

What do you believe are the biggest issues facing digital marketers in 2024? 

Brand safety, cookieless strategy and delivering maximal value for clients are some of the biggest issues we are facing in 2024. Measuring intangible benefits such as attention, trust and impact are key to the future of digital advertising. 

How important is it for industry colleagues to get together in person at events such as the Trinity Lunch Scotland? 

So important! After the pandemic it felt like events like this would never be possible again, I love the opportunity to meet and converse face to face. Screens will never replace real human connection. 

A limited number of tickets remain for the NDA Trinity Lunch Scotland 2024. Click here to secure your place.