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Anything is Possible introduces AI marketing GPTs

Media, tech and creative agency Anything is Possible has released a suite of sector-specific Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs). These tools convert the agency’s skills into a set of accessible technologies to help solve some of the industry’s toughest challenges.

With OpenAI’s recent introduction of a new capability into Chat GPT4, independent developers now have the ability to build custom versions of ChatGPT that bring together unique data sets,custom instructions, specialist knowledge and any combination of skills and commands.

These bespoke first-generation micro-AIs are custom-built bots designed for specific tasks. They can be trained and harnessed to provide effective solutions across media, technology and creative for brands and agencies alike.

The GPT era looks set to create a new marketplace for tech innovation comparable to the app store’s emergence 15 years ago. Anything is Possible is aiming to be at the forefront of this wave, offering a selection of 13 specialised GPTs to provide practical marketing solutions across sectors including Education, Retail, Ecommerce, Tourism, Finance and FMCG.

Don Skinner, Anything is Possible COO said: “Our mission  is to demystify the intricate world of marketing and promote media transparency. Through our GPTs, the agency is empowering individuals and brands to navigate the age of AI, fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration. With this first release of GPTs we are just scratching the surface of what’s possible for AI in our industry. The GPT is going to do for practical AI what the app store did to unleash the power of your mobile phone. 

“We’re showing our commitment to media transparency and innovation by starting a conversation: turning Anything is Possible’s knowledge, skills and expertise into easy-to-use tools that change the game for today’s marketers.”

The GPTs will also be available through Open AI’s GPT Store when it opens later this month.