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Attest adds qualitative to research offering

Attest, a leading consumer research platform, has expanded its offering with the addition of Video Responses. The new feature means users can carry out high-quality quantitative and qualitative research under one roof, powered by AI with Attest’s characteristic ease and simplicity. 

Video Responses questions can be easily added to surveys, with responses accessible in the Attest dashboard alongside quant results. The feature uses AI to provide automated transcripts, allowing users to quickly read through responses and identify key themes. AI is also used to screen videos to ensure only high quality responses are delivered.

Attest Founder and CEO Jeremy King said the idea behind Video Responses was to make qual research available to a greater number of brands, offering the depth and nuance of focus groups but in a much more scalable and cost/time efficient way. 

“Organising research can be an expensive and time consuming task; especially detailed, in-depth interviews or focus groups with customers or target customers. Because of this, brands do qualitative research very rarely or not at all. We wanted to make qual research much more accessible by facilitating a way to collect real video-based responses digitally. Now we have enhanced our platform to enable video responses, gathering qual data is as easy as sending a text message.”  

Video Responses has been in beta testing for a number of months, and comes to market after being successfully trialled with a variety of Attest’s clients. 

Vanessa West, Principal Product Manager at Attest, said: “We wanted to make it easy for all our clients, including those with no qual experience, to do great qualitative research. We’ve been able to bring the joy and power of qual research to them through a product that is flexible enough to be used across the many different use cases which their teams might have.” 

West added that clients who had used Video Responses alongside in-person focus groups (often with existing customers) had found similar themes emerging from both forms of research. This validates the feature’s usefulness as a more cost and time efficient alternative to focus groups, unlocking new ways of doing research for more businesses. 

What’s more, clients in the trial had also found new ways to use the feature, for example, by asking respondents to show the contents of their fridge. 

King concluded: “Video Responses is a wonderful new way to use Attest that helps to bring more depth and understanding to quantitative research. It’s a great complement to what we do already, and our customers are already using it for many valuable things – for problems and ideas that we never imagined. That’s exciting!”