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Comscore launches cross-screen measurement offering

Media measurement firm Comscore has debuted a cross-platform measurement solution aimed at providing a more accurate view of media consumption in the world we now live in.

‘Comscore Everywhere’ is a single-source, unified, cross-platform measurement solution that has been designed to give partners consistent and deduplicated insights around media consumption and audience intelligence.

“Consumers don’t think in terms of linear versus streaming versus digital—they think of content,” said David Algranati, Chief Product Officer at Comscore. “Measurement must reflect that reality, and with today’s launch, Comscore is the only measurement company with the experience, scale, technology, combined with unique big data assets, innovative methodologies, and best-in-class services to deliver on the future of cross-platform media measurement.”

With the launch of the solution, Comscore will work with both buy-side and sell-side partners to refine the methodology around combining linear TV, connected TV (CTV), digital, and social media assets into a single offering. And it will also create a common comparable ‘audience definition’ across media and screens.

Comscore Everywhere builds on the company’s ‘Campaign Ratings’ solution, which measures deduplicated reach and frequency across linear TV, CTV, and digital.

“As the fragmentation of consumer media consumption habits accelerates, the need for a holistic audience intelligence platform is more urgent than ever,” said Bill Livek, CEO and Executive Vice Chair at Comscore. “With the launch of Comscore Everywhere™, we have taken the lead on providing the currency of the future.”

Comscore rival Nielsen – which just launched a tool to identify CTV viewers at an individual level, as opposed to household level – is set to unveil the alpha version of its cross-platform measurement solution at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Its ‘Nielsen One’ solution is currently being tested by the likes of Disney and Magna ahead of its expected full launch in Q4.

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