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How ‘no-code’ marketing automation can empower and liberate SMEs

by Pauline Buil, Marketing Director of Deployteq

Marketing automation has been a buzzword in the digital marketing world for some time now, promising to streamline marketing processes, reduce workload, and ultimately increase sales and revenue. Data from the DMA, segmented and targeted email campaigns generate 58% of all revenue.  

Sounds like the dream, right? Unfortunately, there’s a but… 

Implementing and maintaining marketing automation can be daunting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The steep learning curve and high cost of implementation have been significant hurdles for many SMEs. But with the growth in the UK market of ‘no-code’ marketing automation solutions, SMEs can now reap the benefits of marketing automation without the need for coding skills or hefty implementation costs. 

What is a no-code marketing automation platform? 

No-code platforms have been around outside of the MarTech space for some time. You’re probably even already using one somewhere. Think of a tool enabling you to create data visualisations and segments through a drag-and-drop interface easily.

They allow marketers to automate various marketing processes and tasks without coding or programming skills. It provides a visual interface and pre-built templates or modules for marketers to create automated workflows, campaigns, and actions.

Who can benefit from a no-code marketing automation platform?

They’re game-changers for marketers, SMEs, startups, non-technical professionals, marketing teams, and agencies. These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, putting marketers in control of their efforts without relying on expensive consultants or cumbersome technology. 

Whether you’re an HTML wizard or prioritise creative assets or strategy, these platforms like Deployteq offer control, customisation, and coding options tailored to your preferences. It’s all about empowering SMEs to achieve efficiency, scalability, and measurable results. 

Key features of a no-code marketing automation platform

  1. Simplified design with drag-and-drop editors

‘No-code’ marketing automation platforms feature intuitive drag-and-drop editors for campaign and email design. This functionality allows users to create visually appealing emails and intricate campaigns without requiring coding knowledge. SMEs save precious time, effort, and financial resources by eliminating the need to hire developers to design campaigns and emails.

  1. Tailored email templates

Many providers offer unique, custom-built email templates that align with SMEs’ brand identity. This onboarding service ensures that communications are visually appealing, consistent, and representative of the brand. With these tailored email templates, SMEs no longer rely on costly technical development solutions and can create exclusive communications for their organisation, enhancing their brand’s recognition and appeal.

  1. Intuitive campaign builders

SMEs can effortlessly engage with their customers across multiple channels, including mobile app, WhatsApp, email, social media, and web pages, all within one user-friendly platform. 

Through intuitive campaign journey builders, you can create campaigns for scenarios like Abandoned Cart, Welcome Series, and Reactivation campaigns without complex formulas or intricate coding. 

SMEs can now build and manage sophisticated omnichannel campaigns quickly and easily. According to a survey by the Annuitas Group, companies that employ omnichannel marketing automation to nurture leads experience a staggering 451% increase in qualified leads. Would you pass up the opportunity for more leads at a fraction of the cost and effort?

  1. Easy-to-build audiences

With critics concerned that the rise of ‘no-code’ platforms is detrimental to hyper-personalised communications, providers have the answer—drag-and-drop audience builders.

Creating unlimited segmentation options through drag-and-drop canvases allows users to draw from several unique and standard customer option fields. All are stored within the customer record and relational database. Unlike many Enterprise ESP providers, no-code platforms allow users to create tailored data points in a couple of clicks to collect all relevant information for their business. SMEs can now send hyper-personalised, targeted communications that resonate with their audience. 

Empowering and liberating SMEs

‘No-code’ marketing automation platforms empower and enable SMEs by providing accessible and affordable marketing automation solutions. The platform’s drag-and-drop editors, tailored email templates, omnichannel campaign capabilities and sophisticated segmentation collectively contribute to streamlining marketing processes, reducing workload, and ultimately driving sales and revenue for SMEs.

As a no-code provider, Deployteq’s mission is to empower and enable SMEs by offering them an accessible and affordable marketing automation solution. We firmly believe that every SME deserves access to powerful marketing automation tools that can aid in achieving their business goals. Our platform delivers precisely that, allowing SMEs to focus on growth and innovation.