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INCRMNTAL launches its Autonomous measurement platform

INCRMNTAL has launched Autonomous, a new marketing measurement platform driving that allows brands to view where they gained or lost incremental value across any channel.

Powered by AI and multiple predictive models, Autonomous removes the requirement for advertisers to manually check the effect of various changes, saving marketing teams time. INCRMNTAL’s technology can determine the significance of seasonality, holidays, special days, and external advertiser specific factors such as weather, stock market trends, or promotions, to provide marketers with an always-on view over the metrics they wish to evaluate. 

The platform highlights where conversions, revenue, leads or installs have increased or decreased, and differentiate where any fluctuations come as a result of a new campaign, seasonal impact, or outside issue. Results appear on one dashboard with gains and losses appearing via a heatmap, so brands can see with immediate effect exactly where their spend is performing and allocate budgets accordingly. 

Maor Sadra, CEO, INCRMNTAL, said: “We developed Autonomous to ensure our clients receive next level measurement capabilities that tell them precisely where their advertising is performing, where it’s not, and what influence external factors are having on this. 

“Incrementality is the gold standard for measurement, requiring no user-level data to expertly measure the impact of each and every marketing activity, but traditionally, it’s required experiments, resulting in potential losses to brands when turning off campaigns. We’ve built a solution to revolutionise incremental measurement however, which negates the need for experiments and enables marketers to measure every single micro change against any given metric with the results displayed on a single dashboard, designed with optimum ease-of-use in mind. Autonomous gives time and power back to marketers and truly unlocks the value of their campaigns.”

Pau Sicilia, Performance Marketing Manager Global, Binance: “Autonomous takes all the guesswork out of marketing measurement and saves us considerable time in evaluating the success of our marketing activities, as it does the work for us. As a result of using Autonomous, we’ve been able to measure the true incremental value of our global campaigns. The dashboard enables us to see precisely where our spend is generating revenue for the business and where it’s not, so we can optimise our budget to the greatest effect.”