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Marketers: Here’s how to elevate your brand with AI

By Adelynne Chao, founder of Untold Insights

In today’s crowded marketplace, the battle for attention comes down to how well you understand your customer’s needs and motivations. As we navigate the evolving digital landscape, we’ve seen a shift in marketing strategies away from big-budget TV ads and conventional creative campaigns towards tactical, personalised, and targeted strategies. Now, through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) we can rapidly generate campaign and messaging ideas that are designed to effectively resonate with your target audience. Additionally, this can be done in a way that eliminates the kind of bias and politics that often permeate traditional processes.

‍Here’s how your marketing team can benefit from an AI-powered Sprint. 

Accelerate idea generation and implementation 

One of the key advantages of an AI-powered proposition development process is its ability to fast-track idea generation and implementation. Wordsmithing, and crafting copy can take months with a lot of back and forth between stakeholders. By collaborating with AI, we can rapidly create a number of early-stage campaign ideas or messaging concepts to test with customers.

Take an evidence-based approach

An essential part of any AI-driven proposition development process should be a focus on data and quality inputs. In our process, we always use high-quality, customer-led data to generate propositions that are then tested and refined through iterative research with your target customers. This data-driven, evidence-based approach ensures marketing campaigns and messaging are effective and impactful.

Optimise human creative energy 

While AI is excellent at rapidly generating early-stage propositions, the real magic happens when it works alongside human creativity. Our AI-powered process gets your teams further, faster. This way, when you bring your best minds together, they can focus their energy where it really counts – on refining and developing ideas that will genuinely impress your customers, resulting in truly compelling marketing campaigns.

Increase ROI and stand out from the competition

To ensure that the propositions we create are not only appealing to your target customers but also differentiated from your competitors, we conduct comprehensive competitive audits. This analysis enables us to understand what your competitors are offering, their strengths, and potential gaps in their strategies. With this intelligence, the AI can create personalised, compelling propositions that not only resonate with your customers but also offer a unique value that sets you apart.

Through this unique blend of AI-powered propositions and strategic differentiation, your marketing team can drive higher engagement and conversions. This not only increases ROI but also establishes a strong, distinct presence for your brand in the market.

Build strategies that resonate with customers  

At the heart of our AI-powered approach lies a deep understanding of your customers. To achieve this, we utilise Jobs To Be Done theory, a methodology that goes beyond surface-level observations to identify the emotional, social, and functional needs of your customers.

The theory is based on the premise that customers ‘hire’ products or services to perform specific ‘jobs’ in their lives. We don’t just focus on what product a customer buys; instead, we strive to understand the underlying needs they’re trying to fulfil.

By integrating this theory into our AI models, we can generate propositions that tap into these fundamental needs. This results in highly targeted marketing campaigns that truly connect with your customers’ underlying desires and goals, fostering deeper relationships, and driving sales.

Reduce bias and boost creativity 

Our AI is trained to bypass the traditional biases that often limit the scope of marketing campaigns. This not only facilitates more innovative and creative ideas but also ensures that the generated propositions are truly customer-focused, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

In summary, by embracing an AI-powered sprint process, your marketing team can move away from traditional constraints, harnessing the power of data-driven insights to create truly compelling and bespoke customer-led concepts at speed.