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Podcast ads on Amazon DSP now offer Amazon Audiences to self-service UK advertisers 

Amazon Ads has announced the launch of Amazon Audiences for Podcast ads on Amazon DSP, allowing self-serve advertisers in the UK to reach the right audiences with content that resonates with them.

With access to a pre-curated, exclusive catalogue on Amazon Audiences, advertisers will be able to engage podcast listeners by demographic, geography and genre, and utilise Amazon’s machine learning models to deliver their messages to relevant listeners across all podcast supply.

An online announcement by Amazon read: “Unlike other channels, podcasts offer intimate environments, built upon trust and authentic connection between listeners and hosts. Whether it’s true crime podcasts, comedy or historical series, podcasts listeners actively discover and listen to content that resonates with their interests and passions, making them highly engaged audiences. 

“Previously, advertisers who ran podcast ad campaigns through Amazon DSP mostly relied on contextual signals, such as top genres and categories, to reach relevant audiences. Now, we’re expanding to include a pre-curated, exclusive catalogue of Amazon Audiences, so advertisers can reach the right audiences based on demographics relevant to their specific campaign goals. Amazon Audiences for podcasts are powered by machine learning models to help advertisers deliver relevant messaging to listeners across all podcast supply.”

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