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Sitecore CEO: ‘We want to maintain our leadership in content and help you succeed’

One percent may not sound like a significant percentage, but that small margin can be the difference between success and failure. And, for most businesses, 1% is the amount of their revenue that they’re investing in content.

Research from Gartner and International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the content market will continue growing by 20% for the next seven to eight years, so that the value of that 1% is on course to increase tremendously.

At the same time, only 5% of content receives 90% of attention – something that marketers everywhere are beginning to keep a closer eye on as the way we measure campaigns moves away from viewability.

“Imagine what you can do with content in engagement, in performance, in personalisation, even in online conversions. And these are fundamental questions we’re trying to answer for our customers,” said Steve Tzikakis, Chief Executive Officer at Sitecore, speaking at the company’s 2022 Symposium.

On its journey to provide these answers, Sitecore has made three commitments to its customers.

“The first one: we will continue to innovate. We wanted to be a modern cloud. We wanted to give you choice. And we wanted to reduce your total costs,” said Tzikakis.

“The second thing is we wanted to bring delight to the centre of everything we do. That was our Northern Star. We scaled our customer support functions. We simplified our business. We even simplified our prices. That was the feedback you gave us; you wanted us to make it easier to work with you,” he continued.

“The final one: I, personally, promise to all of the ecosystem that we won’t compete with you. And I feel like we kept our promise. On top of that, we surrounded you with services and support, so we can help you deliver first-class projects with clients.”

These commitments have culminated in the coinage of the ‘1% challenge’, where Sitecore endeavours to help improve businesses 1% at a time.

“To become the leader is one thing. But to maintain your leadership position requires constant innovation and change. Our goal is to maintain our leadership in content, and disrupt the engagement and commerce markets. Our ultimate goal is to help you succeed, and help you convert your customers into fans of your brand,” explained Tzikakis.

“We want to showcase to you the value of investing and improving in content, so that you can win percentage points at your top line or you bottom line. Each percentage point at a time, we want to march together. We want to do this unison with our partners, and it’s that partner community that’s going to help you unlock the value for you.”

As part of Sitecore’s plans to continue delivering for its customers, Tzikakis also announced that the company had joined Accenture’s strategic platform group “with a view to building the Sitecore business unit inside Accenture”.

“We’re super proud, because we’re going to be combining the award-winning services of a great partner in creativity, technology, strategy, and advisory, with a lot of industry insights, coupled with a composable DXP,” said Tzikakis.


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