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Streetbees audience research platform adds photo and video capture capabilities

Streetbees, which delivers bespoke qualitative and quantitative audience insight at scale using conversational research, has integrated photo and video capture capabilities into its AI-powered market research tool, SBX. Organisations can now capture consumer photos and videos at scale, in as little as 48 hours, to inform product development and brand positioning.

SBX surveys are hybrid open-text and closed-text experiences. Through the latest release, research participants can now upload photos and videos during the survey through Streetbees’ WhatsApp-style mobile app. The content is automatically analysed and classified by Streetbees’ proprietary machine learning algorithms, with videos being transcribed and translated as needed. Marketers and insights professionals can then access the findings, including the photos and videos, in a tailored, interactive dashboard.

While organisations already have access to point-of-sale data and information about inventory and stock, they rarely have data to show how their products are being used or consumed in-the-moment. Streetbees’ new photo and video capture capability makes it possible for businesses to gather high quality, visual insight that conveys sentiment and behaviour that might not be apparent in text alone. 

This can provide a unique lens into home inventories, shopper baskets, regular routines and immediate reactions, through unboxing videos for example. The photos and videos can then be leveraged in moodboards, presentations, strategy documents and retailer pitches. 

“Streetbees is heralding a new era of market research, making it possible to gather highly qualitative data at quantitative scale, using AI to make this process easier,” said Vidisha Gaglani, CEO, Streetbees.

“Photographs and videos convey information that is simply impossible to gather otherwise. For example, something in the background of a picture, or an individual’s behaviour while using a product, could provide invaluable insight that would otherwise be missed. What’s more, the AI technology that underpins SBX, translates photos and videos into business-ready, actionable insight under the guidance of its experts, so organisations benefit from both qualitative and quantitative data.”