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Tealium expands capabilities with European Unified ID integration

Tealium has announced that it will now offer its participating advertiser clients seamless integration with EUID, the open-source identity solution for the European market pioneered by The Trade Desk. A pseudonymous identifier created from a hashed and salted email address, EUID can help enable advertisers drive personalisation and customer experience initiatives.

Tealium’s AudienceStream connects with EUID to help advertisers generate more precision in their campaigns by activating first-party data at scale and across the open internet without reliance on third-party cookies.

“Advertisers are sitting on a wealth of first-party data that is housed by their customer data platform partners,” said Stu Colman, Senior European Director of Identity at The Trade Desk. “Tealium is one of the first platforms to directly integrate with EUID, and through this integration, our joint customers can become more data-driven with greater precision across all digital advertising campaigns. What’s more, this move helps advertisers test alternative approaches to identity at a global level, such as EUID and Unified ID 2.0, as a new identity fabric of the internet takes shape.”

CDPs enable marketers to bring together customers across multiple touchpoints into a centralized solution. Tealium’s CDP collects, enriches, and filters customer data in real-time and across the entire customer journey for a more holistic view. With EUID, participating mutual advertiser customers can then activate data within The Trade Desk to enrich identity and address relevant audiences across all media channels – from mobile and web, to connected TV, and live streaming – for more precision and better measurement.

Matthew Gray, Global Vice President of Partnerships at Tealium, commented: “As we advance into a new era of digital advertising, our integration with EUID is a pivotal step towards empowering global enterprises with privacy-conscious customer experiences. Integrating EUID with Tealium’s AudienceStream helps enhance our ability to deliver robust identity solutions that respect consumer data, while providing our clients with the tools they need to drive meaningful engagement and loyalty across all touchpoints. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to innovation and excellence in customer data management.”