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The AI-powered future of marketing: 5 key trends for 2024

By Blake Jackson, Global Head of Marketing at Dotdigital

The pace of artificial intelligence advancement is accelerating rapidly. As we enter 2024, AI promises to be the most disruptive force shaping marketing strategies across industries. 87% of marketing leaders believe AI is an important part of their marketing strategy, but how many are maximising its full potential? Companies that fail to adapt their approach will struggle to keep pace in an increasingly competitive landscape driven by data.

The good news is that AI technology will enable brands to engage audiences in remarkably personalised and nuanced ways. The automation enabled by AI will also allow marketers to optimise campaigns and channels with a level of precision never before possible. Leading marketers who embrace AI will gain an unparalleled competitive advantage.

The AI marketing revolution has arrived. Here are 5 key trends that will dominate cutting-edge strategies in 2024:

  1. AI-powered Customer Insights

In 2024, expect to see marketers’ reliance on AI-generated customer insights grow exponentially. By analysing customer data and interactions, AI tools can uncover meaningful patterns and actionable segments. This empowers marketers to better understand their audiences and create highly tailored messaging and experiences.

Brands that leverage these AI-powered insights will be able to deliver true one-to-one personalisation at scale. The depth of knowledge will enable marketers to speak to each customer as an individual, not a generic demographic. This data-driven approach is the future of building strong brand affinity and loyalty.

  1. Automation for Efficiency and Scale

Marketing automation will become even more intelligent in 2024 with the continued integration of AI. Smart workflows will provide process efficiency, enabling marketers to focus their efforts on strategy and creativity.

Automation will also facilitate scale and amplification of campaigns. AI tools can take a campaign and optimise versions tailored to different segments and channels based on customer actions and preferences. Using customer actions to trigger moments-based marketing programs frees up resources while still ensuring relevance across all touchpoints.

  1. Hyper-Targeted Campaigns at Scale

Combining the power of insights and automation, marketers in 2024 will achieve the holy grail – hyper-targeted messaging at scale.73% of customers believe that AI and machine learning (ML) have potential to impact the customer experience (CX) and they’re right. Using AI marketers will create dynamically tailored experiences that adjust to customers’ evolving preferences and behaviours. 

These elevated levels of personalisation will be delivered across channels and audiences with minimal effort for maximum reward. Efficiencies in creative production and delivery underpin this approach making it achievable for marketing teams. 

  1. Generative AI for Content Creation

Generative AI is a game-changer for busy marketing teams. When used efficiently, it helps marketers overcome their biggest challenges, including limited budgets and time pressures to get campaigns off the ground.  But implementing its usage correctly is essential. 

Content creation can be a massive roadblock for marketers, especially for teams who do not have dedicated copywriting or content marketing resources. Generative AI is now available to help marketers drive engagement and deliver creative campaigns. An impressive 73% of marketers are already using generative AI tools but it’s not as simple as copying and pasting whatever AI generates. 

Knowing how and when to use generative AI is essential for success. Quick wins can include using AI to generate email subject lines but you must not lose the human touch. A truly effective marketing campaign will use generative AI as an idea engine. It is a springboard. Embracing it today will help marketers unlock unprecedented results.

  1. Traditional Channels: The Rise of MMS

One emerging channel that will gain traction in 2024 is MMS or multimedia messaging. As a recent report showed, MMS achieves high engagement with open rates over 90% and click-through rates of 36%. With consumers increasingly spending time on their mobiles, MMS provides an impactful way for brands to incorporate visuals and video into messaging.

The ability to showcase products, tell stories, and drive conversions through MMS will be invaluable. When combined with personalisation, MMS enables targeted content that grabs attention. Given its potential for driving results, integrating MMS as part of a coordinated cross-channel strategy will become essential for forward-thinking brands.

Marketers that effectively test and optimise MMS will make meaningful connections with consumers where they are most receptive – on their mobiles. MMS provides an exciting new capability for marketers to incorporate into campaigns in 2024 and beyond.

From AI analytics to creative optimisation, artificial intelligence will increasingly power marketing in 2024. As consumer expectations and behaviours shift, brands must embrace these innovations to remain competitive.

Marketers that effectively leverage AI to enhance insights, automation, targeting, and channel mix will create standout engagement. They will build lasting loyalty through data-driven connections on an individual level.

The AI future is here, and forward-thinking marketing teams are poised to capitalise on its possibilities. By embracing AI, marketers will unlock new levels of performance and open up exciting opportunities in 2024.


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