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UK marketers embrace hybrid working to deliver creativity in customer experiences

More than two thirds (68%) of UK marketers are embracing a hybrid approach to work to support their teams in the creation of new ideas having overcome the challenges of the past two years, according to research from digital experience platform (DXP) provider Optimizely.

The Marketer Experience study, based on a global survey of in-house marketing professionals, including 200 in the UK, explores attitudes and approaches to creativity. It reveals that 85% of UK marketers say as long as communication is effective, creative ideation will happen no matter where teams are. 

The report also shows that physical presence is not the only factor impacting creative behaviours, with UK marketers citing the following as the top five barriers to driving creativity over the past two years: A lack of urgency (32%); Limited or lack of access to good collaboration tools (31%); Engaging remote employees during virtual meetings (31%); Leadership team putting pressure on outcomes and results (29%); Motivating employees to develop creative ideas (28%).

A hybrid working environment also supports the ways in which UK workers find their creative inspiration, with 43% drawing on interpersonal communications with peers and/or colleagues, 41% from social media such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, and 40% through internet research. More than one third (37%) also find inspiration from attending events, either in-person or virtual.

“Creativity plays a crucial role in developing effective marketing campaigns and outstanding customer experiences,” said Kirsten Allegri Williams, CMO at Optimizely. “With hybrid working now a reality for the majority of UK marketing teams, senior marketers need to embrace the technologies and strategies that enable them to capture and nurture creative ideas, streamline production and optimize for results.”

To view additional survey findings and learn more about how marketers can rely on digital experience tools like experimentation, content marketing platforms, and content management systems to deliver exceptional customer experiences, download the Optimizely report; “The 2022 Marketer’s Experience: Hybrid Work Impacts Delivery of Exceptional Customer Experiences.” 


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