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eBay taps MediaCom and Scope3 to measure and reduce carbon emissions from latest campaign

As part of its latest campaign to promote the authenticity of its sneaker listings and the environmental benefits of sustainable shopping, eBay has teamed up with MediaCom and Scope3 to cut the carbon emissions associated with its ‘Sneakers Authenticity Guaranteed 2022’ campaign.

The move aligns with eBay’s broader efforts to promote the sustainability benefits of second-hand clothing, just as it did through its partnership with Love Island to highlight the virtues of pre-loved fashion to the reality show’s audience.

In conjunction with the Love Island ‘Pre-Loved’ partnership, eBay kicked off its ‘Sneakers Authenticity Guaranteed 2022’ campaign, which runs until December and aims to engender trust among eBay users that pre-loved sneakers are genuine and officially backed by the company. With one pair sold every four seconds, sneakers are one of the most purchased product types on eBay.

Building on the campaign’s emphasis on sustainability, eBay sought the support of MediaCom and Scope3 to help cut carbon emissions during the planning and launch phases of the ‘Guaranteed’ digital ad campaign.

Scope3 is building the most comprehensive dataset for supply chain emissions to help companies factor them into business decisions, starting with the often-overlooked advertising ecosystem.

It is also looking to drive awareness of the advertising industry’s carbon footprint and foster accountability over the millions of metric tons of CO2 it emits every year. These emissions are largely from the electricity used by the millions of servers that bid to fill ad space in real-time, decide where to place ads with machine learning technology, and load creative and publisher content.

Organisations use Scope3 data to measure and compensate for carbon emissions and inform and optimise campaign decision-making. Scope3’s data can be leveraged to create real-time reports that provide insights into a campaign’s carbon emissions, which are then offset through a variety of high-quality carbon removal projects.

The partnership emphasises MediaCom’s commitment to sustainability, embedding an environmental responsibility into the fabric of the entire advertising process. The collaborative efforts with Scope3 are also an extension of GroupM’s wider commitment to decarbonise its media supply chain by 2030. As announced on Tuesday 19th July, the media investment group announced its global measurement framework to effectively assess ad-based carbon emissions across all channels and markets.

Stuart Chick, Data and Tech Strategist at MediaCom said: “Campaign planning has radically changed over the past decade with the advent of technology, data, and entirely new digital channels. Yet, the industry has a long way to go to ensure supply chains are socially and environmentally conscious. By working with Scope3, we are striving to create an industry gold standard that promotes creativity as much as it does environmental responsibility.”

“eBay’s approach should be commended, we’re excited by the prospect of standardising this approach with other clients as part of our long-term dedication to reduce carbon across all digital campaigns. We’re proud of our efforts to promote and support sustainability in every step of the media planning process.”

Anne Coghlan, Co-Founder, and Head of Product at Scope3, added: “By promoting and driving positive change through an advertising campaign and reducing the carbon footprint of its campaigns, eBay is taking the kind of holistic approach required to reach sustainability targets. This is an embedded commitment that the whole industry can emulate to achieve material reductions in emissions and move a step closer to decarbonisation.”

“Carbon emissions will become increasingly scrutinised as environmental laws evolve over time, and brands can ill-afford to undo all the hard work they’ve done to reduce in-house emissions by partnering with firms that don’t share the same principles. As we approach a fully carbon-neutral – and eventually zero-carbon – future, it’s only a matter of time before advertisers who aren’t conscious of their emissions are left behind. Caring about emissions isn’t just about protecting the planet, soon it will be an unavoidable part of doing business.”