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Greenbids come on board as Keynote Sponsor at Foresight Focus

Greenbids, a tech company whose mission is to decarbonize the whole digital marketing value chain, has been named as Keynote Sponsor at NDA’s Foresight Focus event.

The event, which takes place on December 12th, follows the hugely successful Foresight event which took place in September.

NDA Publisher Andy Oakes said ” The Foresight event brought out two themes we wanted to discuss more: sustainability and brand safety. As such, we really wanted to look at those in greater depth and came up with the plan to run two Foresight Focus Sessions – both 90 minutes long – looking at these topics. We’re delighted that Greenbids is joining us for the sustainability session and I’m really looking forward to seeing their input”

The sustainability session will address how agencies, advertisers and media owners need to work to reduce their impact on the world while still meeting their own goals and what does a truly sustainable and successful campaign look like?

These events are open to those operating in the space and those with opinions they’d like to share. If you’re interested in taking part as either a delegate or a partner then click here for more information