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NDA at POSSIBLE: Gary Vaynerchuk opens with a plea on behalf of organic social

POSSIBLE 2024 opened with a typically bombastic Gary Vaynerchuk being interviewed by Swan Sit. Vayner opened with his view that the industry should put organic social at the heart of media plans. He claimed that many marketers do not understand the power of organic social at the expense of new channels.

” I do not believe that we as an industry understand how big the business opportunity is for organic social. For the first time in the history of marketing, the creative creates the reach. I cannot be in another room with CMOs talking about how we should ban certain social media platforms and then talk about business. They’d rather spend a fucking fortune on a programmatic banner ad”

Vaynerchuk then went on to suggest that 90% of the marketers in the room would use different methods if their family business depended on it. He claimed that the industry is obsessed with the past and has no idea about the present and that it is “more romantic to talk about TV ads” rather than social creative. He pointedly remarked that the industry would rather ” travel to the South of France to politely clap at a TV ad that nobody watched.”

Vaynerchuk then turned his guns on creatives. “I care that the work sells stuff for clients. I get razzed by creative directors in Cannes who say I don’t care about the work. I just care that the work sells stuff for our clients. These guys are pissed off because they just weren’t good enough to make it in Hollywood”

Lastly Vaynerchuk issued a plea to the industry. “We must become obsessed with the first-second of our videos. If you are not obsessed you will lose. I beg that Droga, W+K and others start to take social seriously. The thing with social is that the metrics play out in front of your face”