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NDA at POSSIBLE: Pitbull talks business, music and how growing up in Miami shaped him

Mr Worldwide, one of the biggest recording artists of the last decade took the stage at POSSIBLE with iHeart Chairman and CEO Bob Pittman. Pitbull ( real name Armando Christian Perez) has developed a number of business ventures including a record label, a NASCAR team and a vodka brand. He also founded SLAM! – Sports leadership, Arts and Management which provides tuition-free schools in underrepresented communities.

When asked about his philosophy both in music and business he said “Think ahead but don’t overthink things. Collaboration is key. There’s nothing like tapping into someone else’s audience and they can tap into yours. You cannot be afraid, you cannot be fearful. If you worry about your credibility then it shows you weren’t credible in the first place.”

“Growing up I learned what not to do. I watched those who didn’t thrive and survive. I looked at the guys who flashed their money and disrespected people. I wanted to be the opposite, the guy who tipped people and showed everybody respect. I saw people getting addicted to cocaine and heroin but never saw anything like people getting addicted to fame. Those artists who are addicted to fame won’t be around very long.”

“Why did I get into education? A teacher changed my life. Hope Martinez told me ‘ I believe in you and it changed my life and that is what SLAM is all about. 12 schools, 10000 kids. Education is the real revolution. Through sports, you can create engagement and we’re growing steadily across Florida, Arizona, Las Vegas and now Alabama.”

On AI in music – “like any new platform, as long as you use it not it use you then you get ahead. We missed the ball with social media but we need to understand how youth are going to use AI. We see what SM did to society but we have to get in front of it with AI. There needs to be regulation As musicians, we need to protect ourselves.”