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ReedPop audience platform announces results using Permutive

ReedPop, the creator of websites, events and video content for core gamers and fans of pop culture, today announces its first-year results for its audience platform ENGAGE, built upon Permutive’s platform. 

ReedPop ENGAGE, launched in September 2022, is an audience platform that unites ReedPop’s core gaming digital brands, including Eurogamer, Rock Paper, Shotgun and Nintendo Life, and its market-leading events, including PAX and New York Comic Con, to offer advertisers a truly unique commercial solution to target pop-culture and gaming fans worldwide.

In response to the demise of third-party cookies, ReedPop has developed a more robust first-party data-driven audience strategy to drive advertiser performance and develop new revenue streams. Leveraging ReedPop’s deep expertise in gaming, pop culture, and community, the data platform is built to serve users’ passion points and target audiences at scale, with added commercial benefits.

In less than a year, ReedPop ENGAGE delivered increases in performance across viewability, video completion rates (VCR) and click-through rates (CTR). 

The publisher saw average CTRs increase across the board for ENGAGE data targeting, with core partners enjoying +50% increases on previous non-Permutive powered campaigns. On-site video continues to be an important tool in reaching gaming communities at scale. ENGAGE’s video offering now delivers greater reach through real-time targeting, with VCRs up by 20% on average.

ReedPop’s loyal users demonstrate strong intent behaviour, which enables ReedPop to build and scale hard-to-reach audiences who are active in the purchase process. The publisher has over 1,500 passionate game, movie, TV and fandom cohorts built within the Permutive platform, available for core advertisers and non-endemic brands looking to align themselves within these verticals.  

“ENGAGE helps our clients understand more about who their customers are, how they engage across our channels, and what other passion points they may have,” says Matt Butlin, Programmatic Lead at ReedPop. “This means as a sales team we can be both proactive and consultative. That’s an exciting proposition for our clients.” 

“It’s fantastic to see premium publishers, such as ReedPop, build audiences and develop insights to drive revenue and build deeper relationships with advertisers based on their first-party data,” says Joe Root, CEO and co-founder at Permutive. “Publishers hold the solution to ID and cookie deprecation, and as ReedPop has shown in its year-one results, these audiences can be leveraged by advertisers directly to activate hard-to-reach audiences.” 

ReedPop continues developing new initiatives around its audience offering, focusing on greater brand reach via unique and scalable first-party data. This continues to be crucial for the advertising industry as it combats the decline in addressability and continued uncertainty around cookies.

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