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Trinity Lunch Winter – Meet the Sponsors: Matthew Adams, Director, Tech Sales, Microsoft Advertising

Have you attended a Trinity Lunch before? And, either way, why are you interested in attending this one?

Yes, I was lucky enough to attend the Trinity Summer lunch back in June; it was a great opportunity to meet with friends, colleagues and peers from across the industry. I’m pleased we were able to take part in the Winter lunch and hear about everyone’s experiences and learnings from the past six months, particularly in areas that are outside of my day-to-day focus. These lunches are a great way to deep dive into the industry without any presentations or pitches and away from the daily pressures of our working life. 

What industry talking points do you expect to come up in conversation?

There is a forever-shifting list of industry hot topics, many of which I am sure your readers are familiar with. For me personally, and with my role at Microsoft top of mind, there are three core areas of conversation.  First, generative AI, and how we can start to leverage responsible AI within the media buying workflow. Next, retail media in its many forms, the identity space and shifts toward “identity gardens”. Finally, sustainability and what we can do to make the world a better place through ethical advertising.

Is AI going to put Trinity Lunch attendees out of work?

I love this question, particularly as I have a front row seat to some of the exciting developments in the AI space at Microsoft.  For me the answer is no. Generative AI tools such as Microsoft’s Copilot have created a real transformative moment across our industry, providing tools that can empower every person and every organisation to achieve more. With these tools, we can all work more efficiently, and move away from performing low value tasks towards value adding work. For traders, they can improve workflows allowing activation teams to focus more on adding unique value to their clients versus spending time on tasks which are largely operational in nature. But ultimately advancements in AI are creating more engaging ad experiences to delight consumers and that’s the end goal for all of us here at the Trinity Lunch.  

Do you think this sort of informal gathering can play a useful role in new business development?

Yes, whilst the social aspects and connecting with old friends are always an important part, I always find there are opportunities for new conversations and connections, some of which ultimately turn into business opportunities. I look forward to conversations with any new prospective contacts and I hope we find an opportunity to connect at the event.