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TVision and Lumen Research partner to launch cross-platform attention metrics in the UK and US

TVision, specialists in measuring TV and CTV viewer engagement, and Lumen Research, an attention measurement company, have announced a formal partnership to bring cross-platform attention measurement to US and UK customers. TVision is developing a UK-based, opt-in panel to measure person-level TV viewing and engagement. When combined with Lumen’s digital measurement, this collaboration will enable UK marketers to easily compare engagement across media. 

The advertising industry recognizes the basic premise: Ads work best if people are paying attention. But measuring attention, quantifying its impact, and optimizing campaigns to improve outcomes based on attention is a more recent pursuit. TVision and Lumen are helping to drive the industry’s advancement, enabling brands with powerful attention insights. 

“We’re so excited to be bringing this unique offer to the market along with our partners at TVision. Advertising obviously has a greater impact if the audience is attentive and, with Lumen and TVision’s attention measurement suite, it is possible to understand the potential impact and optimize for improved engagement of both TV and digital audiences in the UK,” explains Mike Follett, managing director of Lumen Research.

By combining TVision’s TV and CTV attention data with Lumen’s digital attention data, advertisers are now able to access a holistic picture of viewer engagement from a single platform. Within the platform, brands can determine: the campaigns that engage viewers best, and when they wear out; the media placements which deliver optimal attention; opportunities to improve attention across platforms; the relationship between TV and digital campaign attention.

Already, industry leaders are excited about the opportunity to access cross-platform attention measurement thanks to this partnership. ​​Katie Hartley, Managing Director, Dentsu, commented: “It’s no secret that Dentsu is committed to attention so we’re delighted that Lumen and TVision – both already key partners in our Attention Economy programme – have joined forces to bring this TV measurement capability to the UK. It represents a milestone moment in our ability to understand the metrics that really matter.”

Yan Liu, CEO of TVision, said: “We know that consumers interact with brands across multiple platforms, and it’s important and necessary to understand how those campaigns capture attention, and where to optimize for attention in order to impact upper and lower funnel metrics. Our partnership with Lumen is built on years of joint research and analysis and a shared commitment to helping brands utilize attention to improve outcomes.”

In conjunction with the Lumen partnership, TVision has also announced that it has begun establishing an in-home, opt-in panel to capture second-by-second viewer engagement in the UK. TVision will be able to report the same level of detail as it currently does in the US market, including insights into broadcast and CTV programming and advertising, attention, viewability and co-viewing.

“We are excited to expand our panel to the UK and offer international brands a robust set of engagement metrics,” added Liu. “The UK panel represents our fourth market, alongside India, Japan and the US.”


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