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Adverty secures second US patent for in-game ad viewability tech

Adverty, an in-game platform for advertisers, agencies and game developers, has received notice of allowance for its most recent in-game ad viewability technology patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Viewability is one of the most important metrics in brand advertising and a number of renowned brands are known to exclude websites and other advertising media with low viewability from their media plans. In conjunction with the company’s previously granted BrainImpression patent, Adverty’s in-game advertising platform is able to factor in measurable viewability when it triggers impressions to adverts exposed to – and seen by – an end user.

Niklas Bakos, CEO and founder at Adverty , said: “As the only adtech company with multi-patented proprietary in-game advertising technology, we continue to prove our unique position in the market. We remain dedicated to bringing a state-of-the-art, cross-platform framework for unobtrusive, measurable in-game brand and performance advertising to game developers and advertisers around the world.”

Adverty’s new technical patent protects a method of determining whether an object (advert) is considered visible in a three-dimensional gaming environment rendered on a screen, through a comparison of the colours of an advert with the rendered colour on the screen.

To make the calculation independent of the colour of the ad and sampling conditions, the colour is swapped for a pseudo colour. By this method, gaming objects blocking an advert seen from the camera view can efficiently be detected. Likewise, the effect of lighting conditions in the three-dimensional environment can also be assessed.