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Poppins and Principle join forces to enhance the digital and physical brand experience  

Poppins, a London-headquartered agency operating at the intersection of technology and creativity, is partnering with Principle, a global brand and implementation agency. The two agencies have teamed up to provide a seamless end-to-end brand experience that connects the digital and physical touchpoints for consumer brands. 

The partnership between Poppins and Principle aims to deliver a fully integrated offering, including, strategy, creative, digital and physical brand activation. As evolving consumer behaviours are changing the face of the high street, online sales still only account for around 27% of total UK retail, according to the latest ONS data, revealing the importance of a well-rounded brand experience.

Household names such as Nespresso and Norton Motorcycles are two companies that have recently worked with Poppins and Principle to provide their customers with a cohesive and refreshed brand experience that spans both the physical and digital realms. 

Maani Safa, CEO and Founder at Poppins, said: “Today’s consumers expect a seamless brand experience across physical spaces and all digital channels, and tomorrow’s will have even higher expectations, yet few brands are equipped to deliver the whole experience. Fragmented teams responsible for different elements of the brand, create a disconnected customer journey.

“Through our partnership with Principle – experts in transforming the physical brand experience – we can provide clients with an integrated end-to-end brand strategy that ensures all physical and digital interactions with the brand are coherent and complimentary. Physical retail is making a dramatic comeback and now it’s more important than ever that retailers embrace technology to capitalise on changing consumer trends.”

Victoria Woodings, Global CEO of Principle, commented: “Brands need to be thinking two-steps ahead to keep customers engaged. With engagement often fleeting across many different touch points it requires a holistic solution and a multi-skilled team to get it right. If brands don’t move with the times they will simply be left behind. This is where the partnership with Poppins feels like a natural fit. Collectively we have all the pieces of the jigsaw to help brands tackle the enduring challenge of creating an integrated brand experience. With our client-centric approach and passion for delivering exceptional physical and digital brand activations, we can solve problems in real-time as one team.”