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Trinity Lunch Scotland 2024: Pete Martin of The Marketing Society Scotland

In the run-up to the inaugural Trinity Lunch Scotland on 29 February, we caught up with Pete Martin, Founder/Director of full service agency Always Be Content and Vice Chair of The Marketing Society Scotland (which is supporting the event)…

What are you looking forward to most about the Trinity Lunch Scotland?

Scotland has weak soft networks, so I’m always excited to get the chance to meet new people and shoot the breeze about business, life and everything.

What topics do you expect to come up in conversation on the day?

Someone’s going to want to ask about AI obviously but it’s bordering on boring.

What do you believe are the biggest issues facing digital marketers in 2024?

What Cory Doctorow called the ‘Enshittification’ of digital platforms – and their mad dash for money.* To wit, how Meta, TikTok et al have rounded up advertising audiences in digital ghettoes, made digital slaves of us all (making content for free), suppressed organic content, stuffed the streams with paid ads, and overcharged advertisers for poor, low engagement formats. (Discuss.)


How important is it for industry colleagues to get together in person at events such as the Trinity Lunch Scotland?

What, you mean like real people actually talking to each other and sharing ideas? It’s a radical idea that was tried previously in the coffee houses of the 17th/18th century. I don’t think it produced much apart from the Age of Enlightenment and huge leaps forward in science, art and economics. Crazy, eh?

A limited number of tickets remain for the NDA Trinity Lunch Scotland 2024. Click here to secure your place.