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Bloom UK launches Allyship Code to champion and celebrate allies

Bloom UK, a professional network for women in communications, has launched its Allyship Code, as we celebrate National Inclusion Week between 26th September and 2nd October.

Founded by Inclusive Employers, National Inclusion Week 2022 (NIW), now in its tenth year, is a week dedicated to celebrating inclusion and taking action to create inclusive workplaces. It is celebrated globally by those with a passion for inclusion.

Bloom works to engage the industry to drive change; supporting and developing initiatives and working with leaders and allies – male or female – to address barriers. Its UK members are committed to spearheading industry action, via education, inspiration and encouragement.

Elizabeth Anyaegbuna, Bloom Head of Allyship, commented: “We are delighted to launch the Bloom Allyship code during National Inclusion Week, as we continue to help ourselves and others to understand what allyship truly means and what actions we can take to be better allies. Bloom UK has long advocated for active allyship and consideration of intersections as we seek to champion real change in the industry.”

The Bloom Allyship code has been built around the letters which make up the word ‘Allies’: Actively advocate and amplify; Listen and learn; Lean in and lessen the load; Include and integrate intersectionality; Empower equity and drive equality; Sense check, speak up and support.

Caroline Mastoras, 2022 Bloom President, said: “An ally is a person actively advocating and working for the inclusion of a marginalised group in all areas of society. They may not be a member of that group but work in solidarity with it. They promote and aspire to advance a culture of inclusion through intentional, positive and conscious efforts.

“To be truly equal, we need to continue to break down barriers in our way. We are delighted to welcome new friends and allies who share our desire for a truly equal industry to stand by us.”

Bloom believes that we must take every opportunity to expose and highlight bias in our everyday lives – to ensure that every woman is given equal opportunities in the communications industry, by removing barriers, shining a light on the challenges faced and fighting for equity.

Bloom’s “What does Allyship mean to me?” podcast can be accessed here.


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