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RTB House launches PrimeAudience – the first ad network to use Protected Audience API from the Privacy Sandbox

RTB House has launched PrimeAudience, the first company dedicated to utilising Chrome’s Protected Audience API and Topics API to provide advertisers with advanced behavioural targeting capabilities. As the deadline for the deprecation of third-party cookies on Chrome approaches, PrimeAudience offers a unique solution to brands and a new revenue stream for publishers. 

PrimeAudience’s potential is already recognised by a number of launch partners including; OptAd360, a major European yield monetisation partner and US-based Raptive, formerly known as CafeMedia and AdThrive.

Robert Dyczkowski, RTB House CEO comments, “The launch of new marketing APIs by Chrome has allowed us to create a completely new product category which we’ve coined as ‘protected audiences advertising network’. We wanted to separate an entity that is supposed to provide state-of-the-art behavioural targeting capabilities in the future environment, as this is an extremely important use-case for a wide range of advertisers. Cookieless changes completely redefine technical possibilities of providing it. For years advertisers have been using DMPs in which case specific audiences were nothing more than just lists of single user IDs, which could be imported to any DSP for targeting. Not only has it been convenient from the business perspective but also technically possible to decouple users data from inventory purchase. As the Privacy Sandbox enforces several technical restrictions on the whole process, in particular, limited possibility to exchange user lists between different companies, from an engineering standpoint DSP and DMP solutions will have to be more integrated. As a consequence, with the demise of third-party cookies the industry has no choice but to make it more integrated also from a business side. PrimeAudience by design fits perfectly into the new order.”

To accurately segment users, PrimeAudience will be utilising precisely processed publishers’ first-party data enriched with other signals, such as Topics API and display ads to the user groups via Google Chrome’s Protected Audience API. The benefit is that this technology doesn’t rely on any cross-site ID mechanisms, future-proofing it against any tightening technological and regulatory environments around these solutions, with transparency at the core. 

Mateusz Rumiński, PrimeAudience VP of Product said, “The $700 billion digital advertising industry is being disrupted by the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome in 2024. We are proud to introduce a brand-new, cookieless behavioural targeting approach that will ease the transition for advertisers and publishers alike. After proving the concept, we are ready to scale up in upcoming testing phases of the Privacy Sandbox.”

PrimeAudience will allow advertisers to buy ads directly or in a self-service model through Adlook Smart, an outcome oriented buying platform. The next stage of scale growth is expected to begin in summer, during General Availability of Privacy Sandbox APIs.