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Visualisation of in-game mobile advertising

Adverty partners with Azerion to boost programmatic in-game reach

In-game advertising platform Adverty has partnered with Azerion’s premium advertising platform, Improve Digital, to increase the programmatic reach for brands and advertisers within the world of gaming.

The partnership aims to enable buy-side clients to access Adverty’s in-play and in-menu ads formats in mobile games at scale. The partnership, which is due to launch in October, has already been activated with brands including Calvin Klein.

“We are delighted to partner with Azerion as we scale to more advertisers interested in the emergent power of in-game advertising. This development enables our team to bring Adverty’s seamless in-game inventory to a wider range of brands and agencies,” said Tobias Knutsson, CEO of Adverty. “Azerion has rightly been focused on gaming at a time when advertisers are waking up to the untapped potential of this burgeoning media channel.”

Azerion boasts a catalogue of 16,700 mobile games titles, attracting over 1.5 billion content views every month.

“With this exciting partnership, we are able to provide even more opportunities for brands to effectively reach and engage with premium gaming audiences through new and innovative in-game ad formats,” said Daan Boekestein, VP Product at Azerion. “Azerion’s growing ecosystem is providing additional monetisation opportunities for media businesses whilst vastly improving reach for advertisers.”

Adverty’s agreement with Azerion grows on the partnerships it has recently signed with TapNation, Mamboo Games, Lucky Kat Studios, Goldtown Games, and Playducky. It is also working with Oracle’s Moat for third-party ad verification and has been granted US patents for its work around in-game viewability.

*Azerion is a client of Bluestripe Communications, owned by Bluestripe Group, the owner for NDA.