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NDA Meets: Ru Roberts of Waze and Emil Bielski of Croud talk behavioural change and a shift to location-based ads

New Digital Age has partnered with traffic navigation specialist Waze for a six-part special series of NDA Meets.

The series will dig deep to understand how this unique company is disrupting the market to add value to users and an entire ecosystem of drivers, advertisers, city partners and more. We will be talking to executives at Waze, its users, partners, and advertisers to gain an in-depth understanding of how the company works and the problems it is solving.

In episode four, we sit down with Ru Roberts, Waze and Emil Bielski MD UK, Croud.

Roberts discusses why, for advertisers, Waze is positioned as an out-of-home proposition.  

“Waze is unique in its positioning. It’s digital but when using it you are fundamentally out of your home and our ad proposition is entirely  location based,” says Roberts. “So you’ll only see ads when you are within the vicinity of that business or service.” 

It’s a positioning that strikes a chord with Bielski. 

“Location-based advertising is increasingly  important, especially with changes in consumer behaviour. Google searches with ‘near me’ appended to them have increased by 150% in the last two years”, he says. “There’s also an increasing complexity to where people actually are, driven by trends like hybrid working. All this makes accurate data vital to gain insight about people’s behaviour.”

The discussion makes fascinating listening on the changing face of advertising in today’s post-pandemic, digital-first world.