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Nano Interactive Company Profile

Name: Nano Interactive

Founded: 2014

Management Team: Carl White, CEO & Co-founder; Christian Geyer, Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder; Johann Hermann, Chief Product Officer; Rade Popović, Chief Technology Officer; Niall Moody, Managing Director

What Nano does? 

We deliver best-in-class digital targeting opportunities to advertisers to connect their brand with relevant audiences at the moment they show intent. Our solution is 100% identify-free future proofing campaigns for the post-cookie world. 

Why it does it?

We believe users’ online privacy rights should be respected. We believe advertisers deserve effective ways to reach their desired audiences in a privacy friendly way and at scale. We believe publishers should be able to reach their full audience and revenue potential.

Who are Nano’s customers?

We pride ourselves in working with leading brands and agencies on a global scale.

What makes the company so amazing?

We give advertisers access to hidden/hard to reach audiences. We can deliver campaigns across cookied and non-cookied environments, without the need to rely on cookies or any other identifiers. This opens up 60%+ of inventory not available to advertisers employing a cookie-based activation strategy due to browser, cookie clearing or private browsing.

We go beyond standard contextual targeting. We’re the only business in the market able to layer on live decision-making on every impression.

We leverage live intent signals and combine them with next-gen contextual analysis, including on-page semantic and sentiment data. We then use historical placement performance to only display your ad in placements which are highly likely to perform as per your campaign KPIs.

How it’s making its customers’ lives better?

Consumers are becoming more digitally savvy to the sheer volume of personal data that is used by companies, and are wise to the data they share, and who this data is then shared with. Our solution addresses any privacy concerns consumers may have as we do not use any form of user identification.

The live nature and advanced contextual analysis in our targeting ensures we only intercept relevant audiences in the moment they perform a search & are most receptive to a brand message. In turn, this makes for a far better online experience as they are only targeted in the most relevant moment and in context.

Why it’s making the industry better?

We’re uniquely placed to counter current and future industry changes and are benefiting all key stakeholders in the ecosystem – advertisers, users and publishers

Value for advertiser:

Our sustainable targeting solution ensures brands can still target effectively even after Google chrome phases out third-party cookies in 2023.

Nano delivers activity without any kind of identifiable user information – that means no cookies, no first-party data matching, no universal IDs, purely intent signals. We deliver campaigns without compromising user privacy.

We target all open web users regardless of platform or device. Because we do not need to rely on cookies or any other identifiers, we can deliver campaigns across cookied and non cookied environments. This opens up 60%+ of inventory not available to advertisers employing a cookie-based activation strategy due to browser, cookie clearing or private browsing. It also overcomes challenges of hidden valuable audiences on apple devices.

Being programmatic in our delivery means we access millions of sites and users.

We use live intent signals to intercept users the moment they perform their search & when they are most receptive to brand messaging. We layer on advanced, on-page semantic & sentiment analysis to deliver your ads across hyper-relevant and brand safe content.

We offer measurement solutions that measure the quality of a user’s interaction with the ad and goes beyond the traditional metrics e.g. CTRs.

Nano have developed a tracking and optimisation metric to optimise towards the length of time a viewable creative is displayed to ensure audiences have optimal opportunity to engage with your ads message and drive recall.

Value for publishers:

Nano can unlock unreachable audiences for publishers extending their available inventory and improving yields.

Through the combined powers of our live intent data + sentiment + semantic analysis we can offer comprehensive insight intelligence and understanding of a publisher pages and content which in turn fuels their content and revenue driving strategies.

Why you should work for Nano?

We’re a growing, worldwide team of engineers, programmers, strategists and commercial professionals passionate about creating and evolving our unique, award-winning technology.

We offer a great hybrid working opportunity with bags of career development to help you reach your full potential in digital. what’s more, we have fun along the way.

Why you should partner with Nano?

As we move into a post-cookie world next year, Nano offers the only tried and tested 100% identity-free solution that is driving significant uplifts in key brand metrics.

We offer our clients a choice of managed or self-serve activation ensuring flexibility based on client requirements.

Company Profile

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