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How can I leverage omni-channel campaigns in 2022?

The NDA Predictions Hub, in association with Xandr, is dedicated to insight and inspiration from some of our industry’s leading figures to help you make sense of how digital marketing and media will develop in 2022.

The predictions of our experts though may leave readers wondering exactly how they can shape their own marketing strategies to fit the trends identified. So as part our Predictions Hub, Xandr’s own experts will be stepping in to help with the answers.

So how do you best leverage omni-channel campaigns in 2022?

 This is a question that’s become more pressing than ever, given that offline channels such as CTV or OOH are now increasingly part of the programmatic ecosystem. In fact, a recent study suggested that nearly a quarter of media or digital specialists were already implementing programmatic out-of-home (OOH) because they wanted to run omni-channel campaigns through a unified seat in the DSP.

The first thing to do is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. It’s all about context and relevant moments. That’s how you get the best out of your data, creativity and responsiveness, whether you’re connecting via mobile or CTV.

Context is king and so there is a huge need to be reactive. Teams need to be in a place where they can act on triggers in the moment. We’ve all seen the effectiveness of a well-placed communication in the moment – KFC’s ads when it suffered a sudden chicken shortage were just the right blend of humour and humility. To be successful, it needed not just a team thoroughly plugged into the brand’s tone of voice, but also with a lightning-fast ability to get it live.

Brands need to be fast and they need to be able to adapt with advertising changing rapidly. Dynamic Creative Ads (DCO) is a helpful  communications tool for this, and one that marketers should pay attention to for brand building and omni-channel campaigns in the future. Using a single, unified HTML5 file, it’s possible to steer all formats, channels and countries, changing the messaging according to context and moment whenever, wherever needed.

Moments that matter are everywhere – with dynamic technology and agile teams, marketers now have the opportunity to be more ‘in the moment’ than ever before.