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Looking Forward, Looking back: Jonny Whitehead, Board Director, Skyrise

As we enter H2, NDA asked a number of industry figures about what have been the key developments so far in 2021 and what’s to come. This time it’s Jonny Whitehead, Board Director, Skyrise

It will be a busy and interesting six months as various sectors start to open up after months in lockdown. Agencies and advertisers will need to balance new ways of working with the need to adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape. There will also be a focus on accessing, analysing and testing the use of non-personal targeting signals such as context, time and location, as the industry tries to ready itself for further data deprecation. 

The move away from a reliance on third-party cookies will prompt advertisers to take a broader view of how their marketing channels are performing against key metrics, while also seeking out external data sets that are rapidly updated, but not linked to walled garden platforms, to help them do so. Additionally, AdTech vendors in the audience and targeting space that have previously relied on individual IDs will attempt to pivot their offerings to add value in ways that don’t rely on such data.   

Clients and agencies will be testing and onboarding OOH DSPs as the market starts to open up again post lockdown. This will likely result in strategic alliances between DSPs, agencies and sources of location intelligence that can be applied to the channel. Furthermore, agencies will likely bolster their offering aimed at servicing clients who just want to go all-in on Google and Facebook. It will be interesting to see if and how they are able to differentiate themselves by adding value on top of these platforms, and what their approach to the ‘world outside GAFA’ will be.


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