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My 2022 Predictions: Arshiya Nazir, Programmatic Strategy Director, Dentsu

NDA, in partnership with Xandr, is collecting the views of some of our industry’s leading figures for their predictions on 2022 and beyond. Next up is Arshiya Nazir, Programmatic Strategy Director, Dentsu.

What consumer behavioural change over the last 18 months will be the most important for shaping your digital advertising strategy in 2022? 

We have been discussing privacy from a publisher, brands, advertisers and technology perspective for some time but consumers are becoming increasingly primed and proficient too, as we speak.

73% say they use online services which promise high data protection, such as encrypted emails and privacy-protecting search engines. (Google/Ipsos 2021 data and effectiveness study). 

While it is well sourced that 96% of US users opted out of app tracking after the latest iOS update, it is also true that 50% of the US have opted into UID 2.0 (so far).

SPO has been a top priority for buyers for many years, how has the demise of the third-party cookie accelerated SPO efforts? 

As an agency, we have taken Supply Path Optimisation very seriously with a hands-on approach via Dentsu Marketplace.

Through our own technology and connections, we are ensuring clean, transparent, and single-point access for our advertisers and our traders.

What will be the biggest changes to the supply path in 2022? 

Closer relationships between the buy side and the sell side to ensure that valuable premium inventory as well as first-party data is used in compliant ways that respect user privacy and promote a healthy media ecosystem. 

What are the most important factors for a healthy supply path? 

Quality, transparency and control.