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My 2022 Predictions: Seb Bardin, Head of Ecommerce Marketing, Unilever

NDA, in partnership with Xandr, is collecting the views of some of our industry’s leading figures for their predictions on 2022 and beyond on our Predictions Hub. First up is Seb Bardin, Head of Ecommerce Marketing, Unilever.

How is collaboration evolving in your market to deliver better results for advertisers and better experiences for consumers?

To get better results and offer a better experiences for consumers, collaboration means breaking the silos between marketing, retail and tech within the organisation.

More particularly on the ecommerce side, we need to drive traffic to a page offering a CX but on the other side we need to make sure that this page is retail ready, with stock available, delivery and payment capabilities fully in place.

Are walled gardens from the tech giants an opportunity or challenge for digital advertising?

With more big tech players, there is an emergence of walled gardens making it a challenge for a connected plan but on the other side, I see it as an opportunity as it is driving innovation from the other players or from the new entrants in the digital industry.

How are advertiser relationships with publishers evolving?

In-housing media or some pat of media, like performance marketing for instance, will increase in 2022. This opens the door for more direct relationships with publishers, which than can support the development of the in-housing roadmap.

This will be more than just a media buying discussion but also about tech integration.

What consumer behavioural change over the last 18 months will be the most important for shaping your digital advertising strategy in 2020?

The growth in ecommerce alongside the ongoing pandemic and the launch of a media solution from retailers, such as Criteo or Amazon Advertising.

The role of digital is moving more toward increasing the revenue from ecommerce through driving consideration and sales while the long-termism approach of digital is around first-party data collection and offering an excellent user experience to build loyalty.