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My Digital Hero: Fiona FitzGibbon, Founder, Diversiffi Media

Fiona FitzGibbon is Founder, Diversiffi Media and partner at The Out of Home Media Consultancy. An expert in digital OOH, previous roles have included Head of London 2012 Olympic/Paralympic Games Strategy – UK OOH sector at CBS Outdoor.

Who is/are your digital hero?

In the Digital Out of Home media sector, there are many whose visionary strides have redefined possibilities and shaped the industry. Digital OOH, first appeared in 1998, due to foresight by Jean Francois Decaux, which marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of media & a new era for OOH

 As ‘digital heroes’ among them stands not 1 but 2, they go hand-in-hand. Richard Malton and Tim Bleakley of Ocean Outdoor stand out as true digital heroes, whose unwavering determination and strategic acumen have them at the forefront of industry advancement. Their unparalleled tenacity and foresight have not only championed the benefits of DOOH but also paved the way for groundbreaking developments in DOOH media

Richard’s consistent marketing blueprint has served as a guiding force, igniting a halo effect that has expanded the possibilities for all stakeholders.

Complementing Richard’s strategic vision is Tim’s boundless energy, imagination and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in DOOH. His relentless pursuit has overcome limitations and achieved unprecedented heights of success and influence.

What have they done to win hero status in your eyes?

What distinguishes Richard and Tim as digital heroes is their unwavering commitment to challenging the norms and envisioning the future

They spearheaded the concept of DOOH as a content broadcast channel, that redefined the possibilities of D/OOH advertising. Collaborating with institutions such as NASA, they facilitated live coverage of the Mars landing, directly from NASA satellites. Their strategic partnerships with multiple sports associations and the British Fashion Council have elevated DOOH’s role in covering key events and showcasing exclusive content from prestigious occasions like London Fashion Week.

Richard and Tim recognise the role and influence of the creative industry and the need to bring those relationships into the conversation earlier. This led to the launch of the Ocean Digital Creative Competition, an annual platform to showcase fresh thinking and innovative ideas, nurturing creativity and pushing the boundaries of the OOH canvas.

Their introduction of commercial 3D/anamorphic technology to DOOH has accelerated OOH’s role in social amplification, whilst setting new standards for creative excellence. This approach has been embraced by numerous brands, cementing DOOH’s position as a dynamic and influential channel.

How has their heroism helped drive digital?

D/OOH has always been relegated to a silo on the sidelines of media planning & consideration, however, with these advancements, D/OOH no longer exist in isolation. As part of omnichannel planning, D/OOH lives seamlessly with other media channels.

Central to this integration is a strategic data-driven approach championed by both.  Their contribution to standardising audience measurement for DOOH has supported data integration, audience segmentation, and real-time monitoring,  & meaningful insights and performance across diverse media channels.

What are the biggest challenges in digital we need another hero to solve?

OOH is in a pivotal position, but we need to grab the opportunity to co-create success stories through transformative collaboration.

We have battled with a stagnant market share for far too long, In my opinion, growth lies not in selling specific formats or operators but as a collective, with 1 voice, supported by all media owners/3rd party stakeholders under a common agenda, to amplify our collective impact and unlock new avenues for growth. 

I believe we also need to centre our efforts on a client-first approach, understanding their industry nuances, objectives, challenges and tailor our delivery to tangible business outcomes. Transforming our inventory into problem solving assets to address the needs of clients in a digital landscape.

What is your most heroic personal achievement so far in digital?

Reflecting on my digital journey, contributing to the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic OOH strategy & structure was an amazing privilege, which resulted in being invited to join Samsung. Here we had many campaigns that reframed Samsung’s OOH possibilities. 

However, my DOOH moment came on March 23rd 2020, OOH had all but closed its doors due to the “Stay at Home” instruction, Inspired by three exhausted junior doctors on BBC News, who said “Thank you for thanking us, but the greatest help would be to stay at home”, an idea was sparked.

Within 3 days & with the support of Mullen Lowe, & the majority of the global OOH media community, we had an unbranded campaign, live that stretched to most corners of the globe to reinforce the Stay-At-Home messaging. This was DOOH at its finest, both as an immediacy platform, but as a community of amazing people..

I’m now in the position of creating and expanding the digital OOH footprint across many diverse markets. This allows me to continue shaping the digital landscape and delivering impactful results for clients and stakeholders alike, through Diversiffi Media & as a Partner in The Out of Home Media Consultancy.