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NDA Meets podcast: Terry Kawaja, CEO, LUMA Partners

Terence ‘Terry’ Kawaja, is the Founder and CEO of LUMA Partners, a strategic advisory firm focused on digital media and marketing. As famous for his parody videos featuring leading industry figures, and colourful on-stage appearances as for his deep knowledge of the digital sector and the $300 billion of deals he’s been behind, he is one of our industry’s most influential figures.

On the health of the adtech market: “This is an industry that has been called dead many times over the years, for many reasons, but it never is. This is a sector that has demonstrated a resiliency that’s almost unrivalled. We keep throwing existential challenges in its way and we somehow manage to innovate or iterate our way to keep growing.”

On the potential resurrection of Twitter’s ad business by new CEO Linda Yaccarino: “I want it to work. I have great respect for Elon Musk but he doesn’t understand media. This will be Linda’s greatest challenge. My mantra is just let her do her job.”

On sustainability in digital advertising: Do it whether you want to save the planet or make more profits. They’re both green.”

On retail media: “This could usurp 20-25% off the open internet better targeted towards conversion of goods. Commerce is advertising perfected, so it makes a lot of sense.”

On industry events: “Ignore the data and the tech and the software and ultimately this industry just comes down to people. You have to build. personal relationships, real-life relationships are irreplaceable to build trust.”