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Trinity Lunch Scotland 2024: Q&A with James Green, Group Head – Regional Sales, Nano Interactive

In the run-up to the inaugural Trinity Lunch Scotland today (29 February) in Edinburgh, we caught up with James Green, Group Head – Regional Sales, Nano Interactive (which is supporting the event)…

What are you looking forward to most about the Trinity Lunch Scotland?

We’re looking forward to connecting with fellow industry leaders, partners and clients to discuss the latest trends and innovations shaping the digital landscape and exploring collaborative opportunities to drive forward the digital agenda particularly when it comes to navigating the post-cookie space.

What topics do you expect to come up in conversation on the day?

We expect a range of topics including the impact of Ai on digital marketing strategies, the evolution of customer experience in a digital-first world and the role of data privacy in shaping consumer trust.

What do you believe are the biggest issues facing digital marketers in 2024?

This year, digital marketers are grappling with the rapidly evolving landscape brought about by emerging technologies, shifting consumer behaviors, and evolving regulatory landscapes. Some of the biggest challenges include navigating data privacy regulations, harnessing the power of ai responsibly and effectively measuring ROI across an increasingly fragmented digital ecosystem.

How important is it for industry colleagues to get together in person at events such as the Trinity Lunch Scotland?

In-person industry events like this play such an important role in fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and building meaningful relationships within the digital community. While virtual interactions have their place, nothing quite compares to the value of face-to-face discussions, networking opportunities, and shared experiences that these events offer. We’re excited to be a part of this event and look forward to engaging with our peers.